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What Does it Mean to Dream About Someone?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Someone?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Someone?

Dreams can be complex concepts that seem entirely realistic in some cases, while in others, you reflect and realize how ridiculous it was. While there is still a lot about dreaming that we do not understand, many regard dreams as a way for the unconscious mind to work out what occurs during the waking hours.

In many cases, analyzing your dreams allows you to recognize things you might not pick up on during the day, such as how much a particular problem is stressing you out or how you are feeling in regard to your current situation in life. Because of this, it is wise to reflect on your dreams, if you remember them, especially if you dream includes a person.

Why Do We Dream About People?

It can be confusing when you dream about someone, especially if it’s someone you haven’t seen or talked to in years. Their appearance in your dream may lead you to question why they were important enough to show up and what their being in your dream means.

Even more than that, the reason they are in your dream can bring additional worries, especially if it is a not-so-pleasant dream. However, in many cases, when someone is in your dream, you aren’t actually dreaming about them; instead, you’re manifesting an aspect of your personality or are using them to signify an internal problem you are facing.

Dreaming about a family member

As the individuals that you likely spend a considerable amount of time with, it makes sense that their appearance leaks into your subconscious mind. Your family plays an integral aspect in who you have become as a person, and the roles they played also exhibit parts of you. For example, if your mother was always providing guidance, her appearance in your dream may exhibit your logical side.

Dreaming about someone you used to know

What about those dreams where someone you haven’t thought of in years makes an appearance? These dreams are likely due to some unconscious connection your brain made, usually without you even realizing it. Maybe you passed someone who looked like them or you did something which you used to do with them, and your brain made the connection even without you consciously thinking it. Whatever the link, and however small, your mind stores this information which can then appear in your dream as you process all the information you obtained that day.

Dreaming about someone you don't know

While it may be unsettling to dream about someone you know, it can be even weirder when a stranger stars in your dream. However, this is not all that uncommon, and many people in our dreams are people that we have no recollection of. In addition, an older study found that most of these strangers tend to be males, which often represents your inner aggressive impulses and darker feelings.

In many cases, these strangers exhibit things we rejected or didn’t know about ourselves, and the way we feel about these strangers can signify how we feel about the qualities they symbolize. For example, a stranger as a new friend may exhibit qualities that we hope to achieve in our own lives.

Dreaming about someone dying

This can be a concerning dream to have, but death in a dream does not mean the person will die in real life. Death is a time of immense change, which is what is signified by death in a dream. You may be going through a huge life event that can be uncertain, creating a fear of the unknown and anxiety about what is coming next.

Death in a dream may also signify your desire to terminate something in your life (not someone). This could be a job that is causing more mental health problems that you can handle or a toxic relationship that is not helping you grow. In some cases, if you dream of someone dying, the person dying may signal who you have issues and problems with, which you should try to address.

Dreaming about someone pregnant

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a dream where someone is pregnant often signals the start of something, but the interpretation can change based on who is pregnant. In dreams where you are pregnant, it may signify your desire to start a new and exciting project. However, dreams where someone else is pregnant represent something that has been left unexpressed or undone.

Dreaming about losing someone

Dreams where someone is lost can signal that you are losing a part of yourself, and in some cases, you can consider who was lost to help you figure it out. For example, if you lost your child, you may feel that you are losing your childlike qualities. Reflecting on who is lost can help you determine what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

Interpreting Dreams

Dreams may seem to be a source of confusion and unrealistic activities for many people, but they can share a significant amount of information regarding yourself and what emotions you are trying to work through. To truly grow as a person and understand your needs and desires, it is beneficial to reflect on your dreams and what they may signify.

One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing a dream journal, which is any place where you can write down what you remember of your dream as soon as you wake up. Dreams often slip from our grasp as our day moves forward, so it is important to write what you can while it is fresh in your mind. Then, later on, you can reflect on what happened and what it means.

Writing down and reflecting on our dreams allows us to be more in tune with our subconscious thoughts, which helps to improve our mood and self-satisfaction in life. Give dream journaling a try and see how much more you can understand yourself and your wants, needs, and deepest desires. These things shape who you are as a person and help you make choices that contribute to the best version of yourself, so it’s important to become in tune with them.