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Games to Help You Fall Asleep

Games to Help You Fall Asleep

Games to Help You Fall Asleep

The video game industry often conjures images of games spent “shooting at bad guys,” which we can all admit does not seem as though it would promote a night of restful and restorative sleep. In fact, we can even go as far as to say that these stereotypical video games likely raise your heart rate (and potentially blood pressure), putting you in an alert and unrelaxed state, which often makes it harder to fall asleep.

Despite this, there are many video games that are relaxing and calming, setting you up to be ready for bed. In fact, some of these video games were created with the specific purpose of relaxing you enough to go to sleep.

What to Look for in Relaxing Video Games

Before we get into the video game recommendations, let’s discuss what qualities some video games possess that can help you fall asleep.


The video games we are focusing on typically have very repetitive motions, which can become quite meditative when completed over and over again. Not only that, but the repetitive actions are very simple, and do not require immense amounts of concentration.

Calms anxious thoughts

One of the biggest reasons why you may lay awake at night, unable to fall asleep, is because anxious thoughts have crept in and will not let you calm down to the level needed to fall asleep.

Video games offer a solution to anxious thoughts because they require your concentration. When you have to focus on completing the specified task in the game, there is no extra mental capacity available for you to focus on your anxious thoughts.

Relaxing music

One of the understated heroes of video games is their soundtrack that can immediately transform your mood. Uplifting music supplies the soundtrack for adventure games, but the tune usually switches to something calmer for relaxing games. So, not only are the actions of the game repetitive, soothing, and relaxing, but the music also helps to put you in a headspace that is ready for sleep.

Numerous studies have shown how music can help improve mood, lower stress levels, and lower your heart rate. There’s a reason why music is so commonly used with meditation apps, and with the meditative nature of video games, it makes sense that it also offers its benefits here.

Games to help you fall asleep

Dream Walker

This game is full of simple and repetitive actions as an endless runner format game where you simply control which direction the main character, Anna, turns. Dream Walker never gets too complicated, so you can pass your time playing something that will ease you into relaxation. In addition, the auditory and visual cues from the game, with the dim, cool-toned colors and the soothing background music, further promote sleep.


This is the perfect game for those who can’t fall asleep because of feelings of restlessness. With Antistress, you have your pick of items to play with that include fidget spinners, wooden blocks, chalk, Newton’s cradle, and many more. The actions completed with these objects may seem minute, but they help get rid of your restless energy and release some stress, a big bonus for helping you fall asleep.


The primary goal of the game Harmony is to create symmetric patterns and harmonic notes. The implementation of sound in the game allows you to create a calming auditory and visual environment that is both peaceful and relaxing.


With this game, your goal is to grow a tree by tapping energy stars. The method behind the game is uncomplicated, creating a minimalistic game that quickly becomes meditative. The graphics of SpinTree are also very simple, which helps to avoid overstimulating your brain, and the music accompanying this game is very soothing, with forest sounds and peaceful guitar notes creating a relaxing environment.


The simple actions required by Orbia are just mindless enough to relax your mind while also maintaining your attention. Simply tap your way through the level with cool-toned and simplistic backgrounds that will not overstimulate you. In addition, its soundtrack contains tranquil and soothing music that puts you in an appropriately relaxed headspace.

Our tips for using electronics before bed

The age-old advice is to avoid electronics during the hour before bed to prevent the disruption of your circadian rhythm, which can make it harder to fall asleep. Despite that, the above games can help you fall asleep, but there are some tips to keep in mind to ensure that you are not further impeding your sleep.

Turn down the brightness

The games listed above purposefully have very dim and relaxing color schemes, but it doesn’t hurt to also turn down your brightness. Your brain recognizes the bright light of your phone and regards it as a cue to stay awake, so by turning down your phone’s brightness, you can help avoid that.

Turn down the sound

While the above games have relaxing and soothing sounds, it is still best to turn the sound down so it is not too loud, as that can overstimulate your brain.

Find a comfortable position

When playing your game, especially if you are in bed when doing so, make sure you are in a comfortable position so that you do not put any unnecessary strain on your body. Being uncomfortable can lead to pain, which does not help you fall asleep.


While video games commonly conjure images of excitement, that is not the case with all of them. There are currently many relaxing games to play before bed that will help you fall asleep.

If you are looking to add something new to your nighttime routine, or want to turn away from the TV and try something that will help promote your sleep, give any one of the above video games a try. The relaxing music and repetitive, relaxing nature of the game will reduce your stress levels, even out your breathing, and provide enough of a distraction to keep any anxious thoughts at bay so that you can sleep peacefully.