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The Garden Sleep is the original “Hilton Garden Inn Mattress” and is still being used today.

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Our Natural Form mattress is the most responsive air mattress on the market,  it conforms naturally through our patented technology.

Self Adjusting Technology

Learn how Self Adjusting Technology works watch these short yet informative videos.

Tutorial of the Self Adjusting Technology in the Helix Air Spring Mattress System.

Natural Form’s Founder and Chairman John Wilkinson explains how Self Adjusting Technology works.

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Questions & Answers

What makes the Natural Form Mattress right for me?

The Natural Form mattress is made from a special blend of foam and air technology:

Memory foam (which provides support and comfort)

Air System, a self-adjusting air system that relates to body weight and pressure to reduce interface pressure and pressure points.  The system recognizes where excess pressure is and displaces body weight that reduces pressure back into optimal ranges.

The mattress is enveloped by a high density foam core and a custom designed and hand-sewn cover that complements nearly any bedroom.

It works in a completely “Natural” way. It’s the first and only independently adjustable foam mattress that does not require any pumps, noisy motors, computers or electronics of any kind.

This technological breakthrough is what makes Natural Form so different from any other mattress, including Tempur-Pedic®, iComfort® or Sleep Number®. Instead of using more layers of foam or air bladders for support, the Helix air cells harness the atmosphere as an abundant resource of free energy. Natural Form mattresses are one of the most environmentally friendly adjustable foam beds available today.

What is Hybrid Memory Foam?

Using our Clinically Tested Helix Technology for support and our own “Exclusive Breathable Hybrid Memory Foam” you get the perfect combination of firmness and comfort. It is the biggest breakthrough in foam mattresses since NASA first developed memory foam, allowing faster response time and less envelopment than traditional memory foams.

You get the pressure relief and comfort of memory foam and the Clinically Tested, healthy, pain relieving back support of our Helix Technology.

Why are the Natural Form mattresses good for back pain?

Natural Form Helix Air Spring and Self Adjusting Technologies equalize the pressure under you for maximum therapeutic benefit. By displacing your body weight, the self-conforming air pods reduce pressure on the body and help to relieve back and neck pain. Natural Form mattresses deliver the most comfortable, pain-free sleep you will ever experience.

If you are waking up with a sore back or general aches and pains, it’s a good time to check your mattress. A mattress that does not provide proper spinal support can lead to back pain and other health problems.  The Natural Form surfaces support the spine in its “Natural” shape.  No spine is straight, your mattress shouldn’t be either.

Which mattress do you recommend for the Big and Tall population?

This is an area where the Natural Form Garden Sleep System and the Helix Air Spring technologies perform very well.  The ability of the mattress to displace weight and pressure throughout the entire body and also by allowing excess air to evacuate the system allows the Natural Form surfaces to maintain optimal interface pressure for sleepers of any weight, up to the capacity for each surface.  Please let our sleep specialists know of your specific situation so we can best direct you to the most appropriate model.

Why do you offer a Wool Cover?

Wool Is the Miracle Fiber; Comfort, Coolness, Resilience, Wrinkle Recovery, Absorption, Drape, Elasticity, Style, Texture, Tenacity, Warmth, WOOL has it all…naturally.

Wool naturally wicks away moisture from your body to help you maintain a more consistent and comfortable body temperature at night. You’ll stay dry with less perspiring and overheating so you won’t toss and turn so much. When it’s time for cleaning, our wool cover is completely washable.  Please refer to the care and use manual for instructions.

Wool is not itchy contrary to popular belief. The lanolin that causes wool allergies has been removed. Wool is dust mite resistant, hygienic and hypoallergenic; providing a barrier for mold, mildew and musty odors. It’s a great choice for allergy or asthma sufferers.

Is the mattress adjustable?

The Natural Form mattresses with exterior dials have multiple settings that can be adjusted by you, our customer. We recommend beginning your sleep experience on a Natural Form Garden Sleep or Helix Air Spring at the optimal setting and then adjusting slightly over the first 30 days (if necessary) to find your most comfortable setting.

Can you tell me more about the adjustable dials?

Every Natural Form mattress made with exterior dials is manufactured to allow you, our customer to adjust the firmness of your sleep.  By starting at our clinically researched optimal setting you will feel the firmness we believe provides the best combination of support and comfort.  If you want to tip the scales in favor of a more firm sleep, simply adjust the dial (when you are not in the bed) to a firmer setting.  Likewise, if you prefer a softer sleep, adjust in the opposite direction.  Since we work at regulating to atmospheric pressure, the changes are not instantaneous, but rather subtle over the next 10-20 minutes.

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