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Dog Dream Meanings

Dog Dream Meanings

Dog Dream Meanings

They’re man’s (and woman’s) best friend, so it often comes as no surprise when they make an appearance in your dream. However, just like all other aspects of your dream, dreaming of dogs likely serves as a message your mind is trying to process or convey to you.

Dreams allow our mind to process emotions and cement memories, so considering your dreams, what occurs in them, and who makes an appearance can help you better understand feelings and motivations that may be harder to process when going about your day.

Dreaming About Dogs

If you see a dog in your dream, it is important to consider your personal feelings towards dogs, as this can play a role in their symbolism. If you have always had dogs as pets, they are often a source of comfort. However, those who do not like dogs may find that dogs in their dreams can symbolize the unknown or unpleasant.

Also, consider if the dog is known or unknown and your feelings in the dream toward the dog. An unfamiliar dog can symbolize something unknown that is to come, but if you are welcoming or pleased to see the unfamiliar dog, this can show your feelings toward the unknown or upcoming change.

What Does It Mean When a Dog is in Your Dreams?

There are many actions a dog can do in your dream, which symbolize different things.

Chased by a Dog

Being chased in a dream, in general, can get your heart pounding and is a common type of anxiety dream. Having a dream where you are chased by a dog may signify that you are running from something, with what you are running from varying from unresolved feelings to unwanted responsibilities.

Dreaming of a Dead Dog

Dogs that we know showing up in our dreams will often signify comfort. When you dream of a previous pet, they often act as a form of comfort, sympathy, and encouragement when going through a difficult moment in life.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may dream of a dog dying, either familiar or unfamiliar, which can signify losing something important to you. In addition, death in a dream can also represent significant changes that are coming.

Losing a Dog

When we lose a dog in a dream we may wake up with that loss and resultant worry heavy on our minds, but losing a dog in a dream does not mean that you will lose them in real life. Instead, losing a dog often signifies losing a bit of yourself, primarily your self-confidence. These dreams may occur if you feel as though you cannot stand up for yourself and are overwhelmed with things to do in your daily life.

Being Bitten

If you dream of being bitten by a dog, be sure to pay attention to the area in which they bite you, as this can signify different things.

If a dog has bitten you on the hand, this can show someone not taking care of your emotions. You put yourself out there, as evidenced by an extended hand, but this action backfires. Consider who may be mishandling your emotions and needs and try to address this. However, in some cases, the person being unkind to you is yourself, and the dog bite signifies your harsh treatment of yourself.

Being bitten in the ankles, especially if this action causes unbalance, can signify a choice you have to make and difficulty choosing between the two options.

Being Barked At

The possible meaning of these dreams depends on the type of bark. For example, friendly barks from a dog wagging its tail and happy to see you can symbolize a social life about to flourish.

However, being barked at by an angry or aggressive dog may show your desire to control everything. It’s your mind’s way of acknowledging that you have been too demanding of those around you and its warning to set loose some of the control.

Being barked at may also serve as a warning for what is coming ahead, with the type of bark (friendly or aggressive) signifying your feelings toward the upcoming challenge.


That intrinsic desire to protect puppies can follow us into our dream. Even though you may not have puppies to look over in real life, their appearance in a dream often signifies something that you feel a need to protect.

However, puppies in a dream may also serve as a reminder to have fun and enjoy the little things in life. They can also signify new things, including chances and friendships.

Pay Attention to the Details of The Dog

In addition to the actions of the dog in your dream, it can also be worthwhile to consider the physical state of the dog in your dream. For example, is the dog healthy, or is it malnourished? This information can signify a particular aspect of yourself; a malnourished dog may show a part of yourself that is neglected, whereas a healthy dog can show that you are caring properly for a specific area of your life.

Also, consider how far the dog is from you. A dog barking close by may signify that something is coming very soon, whereas a further dog may signify that these issues are not as imminent.

When it comes to dreams, it is essential to remember and consider as much detail as you can, which is why writing your dreams down as soon as you wake up is the best way to remember the facts of the dream. As you go about your day, your dreams can become muddled and specific details might slip or be modified, so to get the most accurate interpretation, it is best to write down the dream as soon as you wake.

Interpreting Dreams

It’s important to remember that there is no clear-cut guide to follow when interpreting dreams, and there is always some assumption and speculation with every dream based on the general meaning of specific scenarios.

You’re trying to make sense of your unconscious thoughts, so there will always be some “filling in the blanks” and guesses on what the dream means. However, using the above scenarios can help with your interpretations and guide you on what your mind is trying to convey.