How To Remove Scabies Off A Mattress In 5 Steps – Natural Form
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5 Easy Steps to Get Scabies Off a Mattress

5 Easy Steps to Get Scabies Off a Mattress

5 Easy Steps to Get Scabies Off a Mattress

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What is scabies, and where do people get them?

As established, scabies is an itchy skin condition caused when microscopic mites, Sarcoptes scabiei, burrow through and infects the skin. Scabies infection present as tiny, pimple-like spots that appear from where the mite burrows. Scabies causes intense itchiness, usually in-between fingers, wrists, or genitals, but can appear anywhere in the body. Scabies heightens scratching tendencies as it is itchier at night.

Besides skin-to-skin contact in crowded spaces, you can also catch Scabies from mattresses, clothes, or other items in close contact with the body. If infected, scabies can live up to 2 months on a person if untreated. However, once exposed to a 50°C (122°F) temperature for at least 10 minutes, these microscopic mites will die.

Notably, scabies can live for 48-72 hours on a mattress. It is also important to note that scabies can still live for up to 72 hours or three days, even without human contact.

Scabies vs. Bed Bugs

Scabies and Bed Bugs differ primarily in terms of size. Bed bugs are big enough to be seen by the naked eye. These bugs can live on mattresses only to come out at night to feed on the blood of unsuspecting bodies. On the other hand, Scabies are microscopic. These mites burrow under the skin to feed or sometimes even lay their eggs.

Moreover, more problems arise when Scabies do lay their eggs under the skin. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae may burrow deeper under the skin, worsening the already itchy problem. In such cases, it is better to see a doctor to alleviate or prevent further problems.

How to get rid of scabies in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Consult a physician

Since these mites are microscopic, chances are you have already gotten infected before knowing that they exist on your mattress. Thus, the first step to getting rid of scabies is to consult a physician have yourself treated first. Your trusted physician will most likely know by sight or by taking a sample by scraping your skin’s infected area if you get infected with Scabies. If so, your physician will issue appropriate prescriptions with killing the mites and easing the itch.

Step 2: Remove clutter

Scabies can live anywhere, not just your mattress. So, before taking on your bed, it might be best to clear out large piles of papers, dirty laundry, or any dusty, cluttered area first.

Step 3: Clean regularly

After a satisfying de-cluttering session, it is now time to clean carefully and religiously. In cleaning, you must:

  • Vacuum every floor and all furniture. After vacuuming, dispose of the vacuum bag properly in a sealed garbage bag;
  • Disinfect every floor and surface with hot, soapy water; and
  • Dust your entire home.

Scabies knows no clean home. Even the most spotless home can get infected with Scabies. Thus, clean regularly and religiously.

Step 4: Treat with disinfectant sprays

Disinfect the entire home with any disinfectant spray. If not available, an excellent and budget-friendly alternative is hot water. Apply on door handles, vacuum and mop handles, or any item that regularly comes in contact with the body, especially the hands.

Step 5: Wash all bedding in hot water

The final yet extremely crucial step in ridding your home of scabies is laundry. Wash all your beddings, towels, and clothes, even the ones inside the closet, in hot water with temperatures ranging from 130-140 degrees to kill the mites and eliminate the chances of re-infestation. Although established that Scabies die a natural death within 48-72 hours of non-contact with humans, better be sure than run the risk of having a Scabies infection or reinfection.

How to clean pillows after scabies

Aside from mattresses, it might be wise to think that Scabies infestations are also potent in Pillows. Although a bug spray can suffice, applying high heat can kill mites and other bacteria on the pillows.

If the pillows are machine washable, use laundry detergent and wash them on a high heat cycle. If pillows are not machine washable, put and seal them on separate plastic bags and store them for three weeks somewhere relatively unoccupied. Given that Scabies die within three days of non-contact with a human host, they won’t survive at all after three weeks of storage. Dispose of the plastic bags properly.

Prevent scabies re-infestation

To prevent Scabies re-infestation, cleaning the house, especially the bedroom, must be done simultaneously with the mattress disinfection treatment. Moreover, make sure to use rubber gloves throughout the cleaning process; otherwise, you just cleaned for nothing as mites might cling to your washed clothes, towels, or linens.


The itchy problem that is Scabies is not without solutions. Before undertaking any steps, it is best to check with a doctor for the correct diagnosis. If indeed a Scabies infection, you can consider undertaking the steps mentioned above.

Going through an itchy problem such as Scabies infestation should not be embarrassing. Just like the common cold, Scabies can affect anyone, anywhere. After all, Scabies is easily treatable. Moreover, with a multi-faceted approach, Scabies re-infestation can be eliminated.