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Split King vs. King Mattress

Split King vs. King Mattress

Split King vs. King Mattress

The mattress world is a flurry of buzzwords. You can choose from foams made of latex and cooling gels, or stretchy cotton and bamboo covers. There are tons of mattress sizes, like a king vs a california king. And then there’s the new technology that mattress innovators are spitting out left and right. No wonder there is a ton of confusion surrounding the term, “split king mattress.”

Don’t stress, we’ve got the break down.  

It's all in the base

Essentially, a split king mattress is two twin xl mattresses placed together to form one big king bed. Sizes can technically vary, but the average footprint is 38” x 80.” When you place two of these mattresses together, voila! You create the dimensions of a king mattress, 76” x 80.”

Some customers may choose to purchase a split king and enjoy all of its glory with a flat foundation. But, in most cases, the split king pairs perfectly with an adjustable base.

The base is ergonomic, so you can elevate your head and feet in dozens of combinations. The best part, is, that it operates separately from your sleeping partner. So, if they’re ready for bed but you want to keep reading, the independent system allows you to stay seated up and they can lay flat.

Split kings enhance a mattress’ health benefits. For those who suffer from snoring, sleep apnea, and other health ailments, sleeping with the head more elevated can help alleviate those symptoms.

It’s important to note not all bases are created equal. Think about each model’s capabilities and see if it matches your lifestyle.


The reason split king mattresses are growing in popularity is because of their immense benefits.

The largest selling point is how customizable they are. Two partners can customize their ideal sleeping space. It’s perfect for those who have differing preferences when it comes to sleep positions, mattress firmness, bed habits, and health necessities.  

A large king mattress can be difficult to carry into a home, up stairs, and into bedrooms. For couples that may move bedrooms or homes, the split king offers a great solution. Because it is comprised of two smaller models, navigating the transportation of the mattress is less of a headache.

Because the king is, obviously, split, there is no motion transfer. Different schedules or light sleepers won’t be interrupted because the movement on the other side of the bed is eliminated.

You can get more bang for your buck with the split king, because it is easy to replace each individual side. If one mattress begins to sag sooner than another, or some other issue arises, it can be easier and more cost effective if a replacement is needed.

At the end of the day, sometimes it’s nice to just take your space. Split kings take away the sense that if you roll too far to the middle, you’ll end up hitting your partner and vice versa. Sleeping together but separately can give those who share a bed a better night’s sleep.

So go ahead and get ready to sprawl, we won’t judge.


With some mattresses, there can be a few setbacks that make the switch a more hesitant one. The fact there is a divide between you and your partner can be a little off-putting at first. Look for an option with a trial period to test out the feel of a split king to see if it works for you.

Another inconvenience customers run into is in regards to bedding. A split king requires two twin xl sheets but a king flat sheet. Most standard sheet bundles do not mix mattress sizes, and it can be more expensive to purchase all of the sheets separately. Thankfully, there are now some split king sheet bundles available.

Sometimes two is better than one

Sometimes, two is just better than one. Utilizing a trial period for the split king mattress can demonstrate all the benefits it can bring to your lifestyle. In our experience, taking the time to search and find the right mattress type and base for your split king will yield the ultimate reward—the perfect sleep space and a perfect night’s sleep. Undisturbed, customized and restorative sleep is always well worth it.