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Plush vs Firm Mattress

Plush vs Firm Mattress

Plush vs Firm Mattress


Mattress buying can be confusing, especially when considering a plush vs firm mattress. When it comes to making a choice about the type of mattress you want, you might feel like you are being overwhelmed. Do you want a mattress that is firm? Soft? Or perhaps you want something that is more in the middle? It can literally feel like every time you make a choice, more options arise for you to choose from. It doesn’t help that as we change our lifestyle, so too do our preferences when it comes to mattresses.

It can feel like an impossible task to find the mattress that is durable, and yet gives you the support and firmness that you require. Below we’ve covered the pros and cons of both, in hop to give you a better understanding on what type will work best for you!

Pros of a firm mattress

The first is that a firm mattress helps you maintain a neutral spine position. What this does is help you to keep your body straight, meaning you won’t have any aches and pains in your back. Next, blood flow when you are asleep is important, and a firm mattress is going to reduce the amount of pressure that is being put on your circulatory system. This in turn is going to allow the blood to flow better, and not be restricted in any way.

If your lower back collapses, this can prevent you from inhaling the correct amount of oxygen. You are not going to find this a problem with a firm mattress as it will prevent this from happening. Finally, the human body can adapt to sleeping on a firmer mattress and find it comfortable, where this may not be possible on a different type of mattress.

Cons of a firm mattress

If you are used to a softer mattress, you can find that changing to a hard mattress will be uncomfortable for the first couple of days. As well as this, if you have any issues with your lower back such as arthritis or scoliosis, you could find that a hard mattress is not going to be a good option for you. Trying to pinpoint the firmness of a hard mattress can be a challenge at the best of times, and as such your mattress might not be firm enough to provide you with the benefits we mentioned above.

Many stores and online stores do not advertise these mattresses as hard or soft. This has led to an issue of people harming their bodies because they are not sleeping on the correct mattress that they need. Finally, body weight will create indentations in a firm mattress after a long period.

Pros of a plush mattress

If you have back pain, or you are an elderly person, you might find that sleeping on a plush mattress can help you to cope with your joint pain. As well as this, if you are a slim person, you are going to be able to sleep on a medium-firm mattress without giving up the vital spinal support needed by those who are heavier. You will also find that if you sleep on your side, a plush mattress is going to be more beneficial to you. The last benefit that we have is that you can add softness to your mattress. What this means is that you can use something like a pillow top to get the softness that you want on the top, with a firm mattress laying underneath.

Cons of a plush mattress

You might find that a soft mattress reduces your quality of sleep by pushing your spine out of alignment. These mattresses are also the most expensive option. If you share your bed with someone, the heavier person in the bed might find that they sink further, and reduce the quality of their sleep. You could also find your mattress is no longer useful after a few years as they only grow softer over time. If you check out reviews, you will find that customer satisfaction when it comes to soft mattresses is usually below average.

How to choose what is right for you?

Whether or not you have back pain, it should be given serious consideration when buying a mattress. You should also think about which sleeping position you use most frequently because these are the two most important factors when it comes to purchasing a mattress. If you sleep on your stomach or you don’t have back pain, you might find a firmer mattress more comfortable. Conversely, those who sleep on their side or do have back problems will find softer more comfortable

Weight is something else that you need to think about. While a heavier person is more likely to find a firmer mattress more comfortable, someone of a lighter weight might not get the right amount of give. Most people who are average to heavy build are going to find a firmer mattress more comfortable. But, you need to remember it is all about you. If you aren’t finding it comfortable no matter what the general information says, you’re not going to get a good night sleep.

It is important to test out mattresses before you buy them, to make sure that you have the right level of firmness. You can add a soft topper to a firm mattress if you think this is what’s going to get you a good night of sleep. Make sure that you have tested it properly so that you can make an informed choice.