12 Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed – Natural Form
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Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

In truth, everyone can benefit from an adjustable bed thanks to the optimal sleeping position this type of bed is able to achieve. However, certain groups will usually find that adjustable beds are particularly suited to their needs, helping to provide relief from a range of different health conditions. Below are some common conditions that an adjustable bed can help:

1. Lighten back pain

Many people who experience chronic back pain find that sleeping on a slope is incredibly beneficial, helping to reduce instances of pain and improve their overall mobility as a result. Medical professionals tend to concur with this judgment, agreeing that sleeping on an incline can be incredibly beneficial for those seeking to alleviate musculoskeletal issues such as back pain.

There are numerous reasons why sleeping on an incline has received such widespread support. A slope allows for greater support beneath the knees, which helps to relieve pressure on the spine. Furthermore, a slight upper body incline, complete with elevated knees, helps to support the natural curve of the spine during sleep. These benefits are particularly noteworthy for those who sleep on their side.

2. Herniated disc relief

A Herniated Disc not only makes sleeping more difficult but can harm concentration, moods, and other areas of life. Getting a good bed for this common condition is a step in the right direction for reducing your symptoms or, at least, making them more manageable. One of the most important factors in aiding herniated disc pain can come from an adjustable base.

3. Lessen fibromyalgia symptoms

Studies have shown that behavioral intentions to combat insomnia are successful at yielding desired sleep results and cost-effective. These robust behavioral intentions yield reliable long-term benefits in adults of all ages.

4. Alleviate sleep apena & asthma

In addition to a CPAP machine, adjustable mattresses for sleep apnea provides proper sleep support. Mattress elevation is also a helpful treatment for sleep apnea, snoring & asthma.

Beds that help with sleep apnea support sleepers just like any other quality mattress. Ensuring pressure points in the hips and shoulders are well supported is key to healthy sleep which is why the best mattress for sleep apnea is adjustable to your needs.

The goal of sleep apnea & snoring treatment is to open your airway so you can breathe better at night. Raising the head of your bed is the simplest way to achieve this and is often recommended by doctors. An alternative is to use more pillows but these can slip while you sleep.

5. Lessen acid reflux and heartburn

Acid reflux symptoms not only make sleeping more difficult but can harm concentration, moods, and other areas of life. Getting a good adjustable bed for this condition is a step in the right direction for reducing your symptoms or, at least, making them more manageable.

Since elevating your upper-body by at least six inches can help improve acid reflux symptoms, it’s best to invest in a bed that works with an adjustable base. Generally, it’s better to go for a mattress that’s no higher than 13 inches since thicker beds won’t be as flexible.

6. Ease insomnia

Although insomnia can result from a wide variety of problems including anxiety and stress, your bed may be just as responsible for an inability to sleep through the night. You might be surprised to find that even the slightest incline can relax your body and mind in ways that a flat mattress is simply not able to do.

Constantly having to shift your body position to get comfortable is not exactly a recipe for a peaceful night’s rest. But an adjustable bed could help solve this problem. They can be fully adjusted to suit your precise requirements. Even subtle changes to your sleeping position could help you to get some much-needed sleep. Depending on your individual body needs, an adjustable bed can offer you slight or deep changes to your position to alleviate pain that can cause insomnia and restless nights.

7. Enhance circulation

With the aid of the adjustable bed base, sleepers can fine-tune sleep positions to reduce pressure allowing for blood to flow to the heart, and throughout the body.

For instance, when your upper body is slightly raised, you breathe better as the windpipe stays open. Lungs also expand freely. This leads to more efficient oxygen and blood supply to the body and helps the heart beat less strenuously.

8. Improve digestion

As the body sleeps it is also working to digest and process foods. But, lying flat makes it harder for your body to digest food. With your upper body elevated by 6-8 inches, digestion becomes more natural and efficient. As a result, you will retain more nutrients and feel more comfortable.

9. Relieve arthritis and pain

A mattress selection is significant if you suffer from arthritis, particularly individuals who experience severe stiffness and pain. The proper mattress will alleviate aches and pains throughout the body. Allowing you to sleep soundly throughout the night and wake in the morning feeling refreshed. Choosing the wrong mattress, however, can have the opposite effect of increased pain and pressure that decreases sleep performance.

Maintaining a balance is always helpful for a healthy body to prevent and rid of pain. A well-balanced and healthy diet, exercise routine and switching your mattress can make an enormous difference for your combat against arthritis.

The number one piece of furniture in your home to help you is your sleeping surface. Consider the role it plays in your joint support each night, and remember that quality here should triumph price.

10. Lighten leg swelling

Many people are distressed with swollen legs, especially if you are pregnant, spend long hours on your feet, have an age-related medical condition, or suffer from a hurt limb. Lying flat allows for fluids to pool causing increased swelling and inflammation, leading to even more pain, sleepless nights and mornings of agony. Experts instruct that legs should be raised to reduce swelling and its effects. An adjustable bed base allows for the ease of elevating legs to a comfortable position to decrease swelling and increase health.

Whether you just have occasional swelling, suffer from ALS, are pregnant or spend long hours on your feet. An adjustable bed can increase your circulation, and get that blood and fluid back into your circulation system, instead of pooling in your legs and feet.

11. Enhance bedroom lifestyle

Do you like to sit up and read or use your computer in bed before falling asleep? Do you have a medical condition that requires you to sleep in an elevated position?

If you answered yes to any of these questions an Adjustable Bed Base would be a perfect addition.

Today people are using their bedroom for much more than sleeping. Our beds become a work station, a reading desk or our favorite place to watch TV.

Flat foundations or box springs just aren’t designed to make these activities very comfortable. An adjustable bed base can change all that with the right mattress. A new adjustable bed can transform your bedroom into a place that becomes like your own “private spa”. A place to get away from it all and cradle you no matter what you are doing.

12. Further independence

People who are recovering from medical procedures and injuries can also, unsurprisingly, given the original intended purpose of this type of bed, greatly benefit from adjustable beds. By simply using their remote to adjust the head or foot of the bed, it makes getting in and out of bed without help much easier and safe.