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Custom Mattress

Custom Mattress

Custom Mattress

Custom beds and mattresses can be hugely beneficial – they can be great if you have an antique bed that needs a mattress of a specific size, and they can even be a great choice when your RV or boat needs a special size mattress or bed. It can be tough to know where to get a high quality custom mattress, which is where we come in. Whatever the size or shape, we can create it for you and ensure that it suits your needs perfectly.

Who / what are custom mattresses for?

We specialize in memory foam, but you aren’t limited when you choose to create your custom mattress with us. We also manufacture high quality latex foam, and even polyurethane foam mattresses. We can make custom mattresses for the following:

We can also create your mattress with a beveled edge, cut corners, hinge, or radius corner depending on your needs and specifications. All you need to do is contact us to explain your needs and we can give you a quote. Densities and layer arrangement can also be customized to fit your needs.

A custom mattress can be for anybody who has a unique sleeping arrangement or bed and wants something that caters to their needs.

About our foam and materials

We have a huge stock of innovative foams, as well as organic GOLS latex available, so we can create your mattress with your ideal material. Each custom mattress will be made with a luxury cover in either soft cotton, wool, or organic cotton. Only the highest quality USA made open cell plant based temperature neutral foams are used in our customization process.

All of our memory foam and high density foams have been tested by the independent laboratory Certipurus and have been certified to be non-toxic, so you can have confidence when you choose to create your mattress with us. Plus, each of our custom mattresses comes with a 15 year warranty for further peace of mind.

How long does it take to make a custom mattress?

When it comes to production time, you can expect to wait anywhere from 5-7 business days, but you can call us for up to date lead times. Transit time to the east coast is 2-3 business days and 4-5 business days on the west coast. Your custom made mattress will be compressed, sealed in plastic, boxed, and shipped to you via FedEX Ground.

Custom mattresses for Rv's and Boats

Custom mattresses, cushions and mattress toppers for RVs and boats often need unique shapes, cutouts or angles, and we can cut the shapes from customer supplied templates. For boats with standard a v-berth, or basic rectangular cushions for berths or RV cushions, it’s a simple as going to our Custom Foam page, where you can can choose V-Berth or Rectangle from custom cushion shapes to price and order online. Often a mattress topper is a simple solution to a too firm mattress, and we can custom cut both memory foam and natural latex toppers to size. We have constructed hundreds of custom mattress, cushions and mattress toppers with unique configurations over the years, and you can count on the personal touch we provide. Our seamstress can create covers for these complex shapes, however when custom fabric choices are desired, you will then need to use your local upholsterer.


Custom latex mattresses

When only the best will do, our much in demand GOLS Organic Dunlop Latex mattresses can always be sized for European bed frames, RV, boats or other custom sized mattress needs. Often custom mattresses have limitations on thickness, particularly for RVs and boats, and we can also layer the latex and create an added support for adults in a thinner natural latex mattress. When a natural latex mattress will be covered with upholstery to match your RV or boat, we can simply supply the latex.

Custom foam mattresses & cushions

A custom foam mattress or cushion can be as simple as a single layer of foam for a camping pad, or can have up to three layers for combining materials such as polyurethane, memory foam or natural latex. We can cut the angles necessary for custom RV and boat mattresses, cushions or mattress toppers from customer supplied templates or diagrams.

Why choose Natural Form®

Natural Form® has created hundreds of custom orders. From extra-extra-long twin dormitory mattresses, to trucker beds, spacious Alaskan King mattresses, we’ve done it all. We even designed a custom mattress for Stephen Hawking to fulfill is dream of going into space! The Stephen Hawking Story

We would be delighted to work with you to custom make a mattress that suits your wants and needs.Our mattresses are outfitted with a beautiful wool cover that will regulate your body temperature while sleeping, keeping you warm but cool even while sleeping with other people. Our Certi-PUR and OEKO-TEX 100 certified materials ensure you are sleeping on a mattress that is safe for you and your family.

Natural Form® has patented and sophisticated technology with customized controls, so that your partner can adjust their support differently than yours. These patented air chambers and pods will naturally adjust and support your body weight without the use of pumps or motors. This level of sophistication and customization ensures you and any one else sharing your mattresses has a sleep that is uniquely adjusted to their sleep preferences. No other mattress can do that.

We have decades of experience in designing mattresses and cushions, from a wide variety of materials, and our design services are free of charge.

If you have any questions about foam choices, best support materials, thicknesses or covers, give us a call at 1-866-550-2073.