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Alaskan King Bed

Alaskan King Bed

Alaskan King Bed

History on the extra large mattresses

Legend has it that large mattresses have existed since the beginning of the 16th century. When the California King was introduced in the late 1960s, it rightfully ended the reign of the king sized bed as the largest mattress you could get your hands on. But in the past decade, demand for mega-beds and custom mattresses has grown significantly. Larger mattresses have been continuously developed in the past 50 years to keep up with ever-evolving sleep needs and lifestyle preferences. And although king sized mattresses are now considered a standard size, there are now more larger models like the Texas, Wyoming, Vermont and Alaskan Kings to better suit an individuals’ specific sleep needs and preferences. Text

Why sleep on an oversized bed?

For some, the King bed is simply not cutting it anymore. While a King bed measures about 80” x 76,” the largest oversized bed is a whopping 108” by 108.” But why would anyone need such a large sleep surface? There’s several general reasons:

  1. It seems that people are craving more space while sleeping with a significant other—with hopes that a larger bed will limit motion transfer and sounds.
  2. For parents that have adopted co-sleeping into their family lifestyle, squeezing pets and children into a King is still pretty tight. Larger beds allow for more sleep space, so parents can actually get some restful shuteye.

Others just want the biggest and largest mattress they can get their hands on (hey, now everyone can sleep diagonally).

Is an oversized bed ideal for you?

There are so many benefits that come with upgrading to a larger mattress. First and foremost, a larger bed will allow for more movement while decreasing sleep disruption from your partner. In co-sleeping arrangements, pets and children can fit more comfortably. To put it in perspective, up to three or four adults can fit in the largest bed, an Alaskan King. Whereas for two, a Wyoming bed serves as a large sleep oasis. Not to mention, the large surface area of all of these oversized models can allow for taller and larger individuals to sleep more comfortably as well.

An Oversized mattress might be the right fit for:

-Couples who:

  • Sleep with pets
  • Sleep with children
  • Have varying sleep schedules and want to limit sleep disruptions

-Individuals who:

  • May be taller or larger
  • Find a traditional King too short
  • Find a traditional California King too narrow

But when it comes down to it, unless it doesn’t fit in the room, when have you ever heard someone complain that their mattress is too large?

Wyoming King: Oversized Scale (Big)

Our visual comparison photo displays a bed size that measures between a California King and an Alaskan King– a Wyoming King. The Wyoming King measures 84” by 84” and for some, solves the issue of a narrow California King.

A Wyoming King is great for those who want just a little bit of extra space rather than the surplus that an Alaskan King might provide. A Wyoming King is a great choice for those who sleep with small children, and fewer or smaller pets.

Texas King: Oversized Scale (Bigger)

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and this mattress matches that claim by measuring in at 80” by 98”. The Texas King is like the California King of oversized beds. It’s actually narrower than a Wyoming, but it tacks on an additional 14” at the foot end to make this bed an XXL, if you will.

A Texas King still proves to be roomy for many sleepers, but taller individuals may find this model exceptionally accommodating. For those that think a California King is still too narrow, or even too short, the Texas King prevents any dangling feet.

Or, if you co-sleep with pets that lay typically at the foot of the bed, a Texas King may give you the extra room you’re looking for.

Vermont King: Oversized Scale (Even Bigger)

The Vermont King Bed can only be found at Natural Form® The Vermont Sleep Company. Based on customer requests, we created the Vermont King to serve as the sweet spot of oversized mattresses. It provides more luxurious space than the Wyoming king, the length of a Texas king, but isn’t as hard to fit in a room as an Alaskan King.

The Vermont King measures “96 x 96,” serving as the happy-medium of ginormous mattresses. This bed can comfortably sleep additional pets, one-two children or three-four adults. For just the two of you, the extra 18” of space that a standard King lacks can make all the difference if your partner tends to disturb your slumber with snoring, late-night Netflix bingeing, or a differing sleep schedule.

Alaskan King: Oversized Scale (Biggest)

If you’re looking for the biggest and best, the Alaskan King is the ultimate mega of the megabeds. The largest out there, this 108” by 108” deluxe mattress is sprawl city. An Alaskan King is essentially two standard full sized beds put together, with an additional 2 and a half feet on the foot end.

An Alaskan King comfortably sleeps large families co-sleeping with multiple children (and even some stuffed animals). Taller individuals may find this the most comfortable given it’s extra length and roomy width. And for a couple, this bed is ultra luxurious in terms of spaciousness.

The extensive surface of the Alaskan King limits motion transfer and minimizes sleep disturbances, no matter your sleep scenario. But it’s important to note, we recommend your bedroom be at least 15’ x 15’ to fit this gigantic mattress in the bedroom.

Important factors to consider

Most oversized mattresses will fit in a home, but it’s important to measure your bedroom to make sure it will fit properly. Just as important, is measuring doorways and stairways in your home to make sure the bed will fit when it is delivered. Some Alaskan Kings can be assembled in modules to facilitate an easier delivery and set-up.

A larger mattress means you need to find a bed frame and sheets that will also fit your new Alaskan King bed. Many bedding boutiques or manufacturers can work with you to customize dimensions. Although sometimes more expensive, custom ordering does not always mean crazy expensive. But, if you don’t want to go the custom route, online searching may yield some great options.

So how should you estimate the bedding dimensions? The 12-16 rule is a great guideline when shopping for a comforter, especially for larger mattresses. You may have noticed that comforters are wider than they are long. Even though a Wyoming and Alaskan bed are square, you will still want a wider comforter. The comforter should hang over both sides of the bed, but the length will only cover the foot side of the bed. The 12-16 rule suggests that you should add 12” for the comforter lengthwise, and 16” for the comforter width. For a 108” x 108” Alaskan King, your comforter should be about 120” long and 124” wide.

Where can I find an Oversized Mattress?

Some oversized beds can be found premade by some mattress retailers, but chances are you won’t find one in the big-box mattress stores. The best route to go for ordering oversized models is via a custom order.

If you are going to splurge on a mattress of that size, you might as well custom order it to be exactly to your liking. Many manufacturers are willing to work with you so that your covers, foam thickness and densities, and technology is perfected to your liking. Customization means you’ll know exactly what goes into your mattress.

Custom ordering will give you a higher quality mattress because it’s uniquely designed for your sleep needs, and it might not be as expensive as you may think. It’s always worth it to inquire for a quote from a manufacturer.

Why choose Big Mattress Co.?

First and foremost, Big Mattress Co. is our brand new sister brand. Big Mattress Co.® was created to make buying bigger mattresses easier. Not only can you find oversized mattresses here, but we also have bed frames, sheets & duvets to make it even easier to buy big!

Not to mention our mattresses are outfitted with Certi-PUR US foams, and top-quality cotton covers. Built to last, our 10-year warranty ensures the longevity of your investment, and we always offer free shipping. If you’re concerned about fitting an oversized bed in your home, our patent pending modular design makes shipping and assembly feasible and easy.

We would be delighted to work with you to custom make a sleep surface that suits your wants and needs, order online or give us a call today!


How much does an Alaskan King Mattress Cost?

Alaskan king mattresses range in price from $3500 up to $7000 or more. It all depends on the materials used, foundation and shipping costs.

Where can I buy an Alaskan King Bed?

You can buy an Alaskan King Bed at Big Mattress Co.

What are the dimensions of a Alaskan King Bed?

While a King bed measures about 80” x 76,” an Alaskan King bed is a whopping 108” by 108.”

How many people fit in an Alaskan King Bed?

Up to four adults, or fewer adults with children and/or pets.

How big does my room need to be to fit an Alaskan King Bed?

Your bedroom should be at least 16’ x 16’. It’s recommended that in order to fit a standard King, your bedroom be at least 12’x 12’.

Do Alaskan King Beds come with a foundation?

Not all companies sell a foundation with the mattress. But typically, Alaskan King foundations come in either two or four pieces. Shop oversized foundations here

Where can I find Alaskan King bed sheets?

Most Alaskan King bed retailers with be able to supply custom made bedding, including sheets, duvets and pillow cases. Shop Oversized Bedding Here