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Eastern King Bed vs King Bed | What are the differences?

Eastern King Bed vs King Bed | What are the differences?

Eastern King Bed vs King Bed | What are the differences?

What is an eastern king bed?

Whether you’ve previously owned a king size bed or not, it’s likely that you already know that the terms king, standard king, and regular king all relate to the same style of mattress. While those mattresses are available in various firmness levels, they all measure 76″ wide by 80″ long. The Eastern king bed size is exactly the same as a regular king.

An Eastern king bed is simply another term for what is more commonly known as a standard king. Rather than being a term to differentiate it from the regular king, its name is a direct contrast to the Western king bed (also known as a king Cal or California king), which measures 72″ by 84″.

Eastern king beds deliver a total space of 6080in2, in comparison to 6048in2 for the California king.

Which is best?

No two people or couples are the same, which is why there’s no single right or wrong answer. Moreover, if you already have an Eastern king bed or a Western king bed, you may wish to stay true to the same size due to familiarity and the fact it will remove the need to replace your bedding.

If upgrading to a king size bed for the first time, though, you should know that size matters. While the total surface areas are very similar, the contrasting dimensions mean that the extra space feels significantly bigger. After all, you are far more likely to notice the increased width.

When you remove the extra four inches of length, the Western king bed drops to 5760in2. So, unless you are particularly tall and need the extra length, it’s likely that the Eastern king will be your best answer. However, you may also wish to consider the Wyoming king (84in x 84in), Texas King (80in x 98in), Vermont King (96in x 96in), and Alaskan king (108in x 108in) options.

The Eastern king bed and Western king bed remain the most popular and practical choices by far.

Room size considerations for your eastern king bed

Before purchasing your Eastern king bed, it’s important to check that your room is big enough for it. Interior designers recommend that you have at least 30in of space around the three perimeter sides of the bed. Likewise, you should take drawers, nightstands, and other bedroom furniture into account.

Assuming your bedroom meets the spatial requirements, the Eastern king bed is the perfect option for couples seeking a little extra space and comfort or for parents that need a solution for when their little angels have a rough night and need to sneak in with mom and dad.

Whatever the reason for upgrading to a new mattress, our extensive range of Eastern king beds includes winning solutions for everyone. Improved sleep patterns await.