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Simple foam layers and springs don't provide enough support, our patented air systems do.


Best Seller

Garden Sleep

The mattress that started it all, featured in thousands of hotels around the world.

Starting at $1,195


Highest Rated

Health Series Refresh

Our most popular mattress featuring our newest & most advanced technology.

Starting at $1,449


Luxury Support

Health Series Euro

The most supportive mattress with an ultimate comfort euro top design.

Starting at $1,695

Frequently asked questions

What makes a Natural Form® mattress right for me?

A special blend of foam and patented technology, Natural Form mattresses provide unparalleled support and a luxuriously comfortable sleep surface. The ultra-responsive air system gives just the right amount of support, leading to a deeper and more restorative sleep. Comfort control dials let you make your side as firm or soft as you like, without compromising support. 

We are one of few mattress companies that have turned away from chemically-injected cooling gels, and instead towards wool as a natural alternative with inherent temperature regulating properties. Wool is naturally moisture-wicking and insulating, keeping you cool and dry throughout the night. 

Individually crafted with the utmost care in the Vermont mountains, our family-owned company is committed to providing every customer with a healthy sleep. For over 30-years we have been helping many relieve aches and pains, and providing others with the sleep of their dreams. There is truly no other mattress like a Natural Form.

Why are Natural Form® mattresses good for back pain?

Our patented mattresses were designed specifically for pressure relief. As opposed to conventional mattresses, when you lay on a Natural Form mattress your weight is not absorbed, it’s displaced. Our system is so targeted it responds to even acute movements, like raising your hand. 

Your bed will conform to your body so that pressure relief is always optimal wherever you need it, especially your back and lumbar region. Natural Form mattresses are also adjustable, allowing you to change to a firmer or softer sleep surface depending on your level of back or neck pain.

Are Natural Form® mattresses adjustable?

All Natural Form® mattresses come with exterior dials for complete adjustability control on either side of the mattress. With multiple settings offered, the mattress firmness can be optimized on each individual side to suit your unique preference.

Why do you offer a wool cover?

Wool is a resilient fiber that wicks moisture away from your body to help you maintain a more consistent and comfortable body temperature. The wool keeps you cooler, drier and better insulated than cotton. Naturally, wool is dust mite resistant, hygienic, and hypoallergenic so there is no need to worry about allergies.  

When it comes time for cleaning, the wool cover is washable and removable. Please see our care and use guide for washing instructions.

How do your mattresses ship?

We ship most mattresses from our Vermont facility through LTL nationwide carriers, ensuring delivery right to your doorstep.  If you would prefer an in-home delivery, we do offer an optional White Glove Delivery for an additional cost.

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