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Adjustable Firmness Mattress Tips Before Buying

Firm. Plush. In the middle. The options are endless, making for a difficult choice when choosing a mattress. As our lifestyles change, our preferences might as well, and so considering an adjustable firmness mattress where you can control the firmness may be your solution. Finding a durable mattress that provides optimal support can be hard to find. Choosing a mattress with an adjustable firmness will ensure your body is being displaced properly and uniquely to you, providing you with a more comfortable and healthier sleep.

Why an Adjustable Firmness Mattress?

For couples, there may be varying preferences on the ideal firmness of a mattress. When taking into account differing body types, alignment, and joint needs, a one-type-suits-all is only going to be providing another night of restless sleep.  

Adjustable firmness mattresses utilize air to produce pressure that can be completely customizable. The types of mattresses are optimal choices for those who sleep with a partner, so that each side is individual and quality of sleep is never compromised. An average healthy person can shift positions up to 60 times per night. Doubling the number for a couple equals a lot of tossing and turning. By having full autonomy over the pressure of each side, you both will sleep more soundly and minimize partner disturbance. You get to choose the best setting for your zone.

As lifestyles change, you want a mattress that will withstand time but also adjust with it. As a child’s body grows taller and changes, or as you get older you develop more stiffness or joint pain, adjustable settings on an adjustable air mattress allow the mattress to change and alter to individual lifestyle needs.

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What to look for in an adjustable firmness mattress

Powered or Non-Powered adjustable

This is entirely up to personal preference. Do you want full control in the palm of your hand? Although sometimes the customizable options seem endless with the electronic adjustable mattress.  In these models some key quality support aspects may be compromised in order to function with the electronic capabilities.

Noise Levels

Some electronically adjustable firmness mattresses struggle to operate without some level of noise creation. Although it may seem ideal to freely change your mattress firmness differently than your partner’s, the noise emitted when you adjust  in the middle of the night could disrupt their sleep.

Number of Adjustable zones

It’s all in the science when you consider adjustability and support. Inquire about the number of chambers inside that mattress that are adjustable. If you remember your high school physics lesson, the reduction of surface area increases net pressure. In simpler terms, the more chambers and surface area to counterbalance the pressure exerted from your body, the better your body will be supported.

Firmness Scale

Although a hundred firmness options offered in one mattress can seem tempting, sometimes it is best for your body to opt out. That’s not to say adjustability is bad. Quite the contrary, you want a mattress where you can ideally adjustable your mattress to provide optimal comfort and support. However, like many things in life, this is an instance where too much of good thing is bad.

Having many options to make your bed hard as a rock–or so soft  you sink into a hole– may seem comfortable to some, but is not necessarily good for you. It is recommended you sleep in a small range of firmness from about 4-8. This will allow you to adjust towards firmer or softer for your comfort, but without straying to extremes that will reduce the amount of support you receive.  


Levels of thickness may impact the comfort an airbed mattress can provide. If you want a softer feeling to your air mattress, then you will usually need to look for one with an increased level of thickness. They can be as much as 13 to 15 inches thick when the foam cover is included. Be aware that the air chamber support is typically the same for all air mattresses at about five or seven inches.

Adjustable Base Compatibility

It’s best to invest in a bed that works with an adjustable base.  Several types of mattresses (air mattresses, memory foam, and latex) are compatible with adjustable beds. However, innerspring mattresses will not work with bending and folding motions of adjustable beds. Whatever kind of mattress you prefer, make sure you find it out if it’s compatible with an adjustable bed if possible. Each mattress type reacts differently when folded and bent on an adjustable bed frame.  A mattress sleep expert or dealer should be able to answer any additional topics surrounding adjustable base compatibility if needed.


You might find that an air bed arrives at your door completely assembled. Some other sellers will offer to include an assembly service within your original price. It can be worth arranging for a service like this. While putting them together is not typically going to be a complex job, it can take 15 minutes to 2 hours and be fairly monotonous work.  Although some air bed companies ship their mattresses fully assembled, we’ve found 90% of air bed’s don’t come fully assembled.

Adjustable firmness mattress pros and cons


There are various pros of an air bed to consider including:

  • Airbed Mattresses carry the highest customer satisfaction ratings
  • The increased level of support is suitable for a range of different sleeping positions
  • An ability to isolate motion transfer to make sure someone else is not disturbed by the movements of a partner
  • high level of durability that allows the mattress to last for years, longer than the typical mattress


However, there are also some issues that you need to be aware of, such as:

  • They are more expensive than most other beds
  • There may be malfunctions and issues that need repairing, sometimes within the first few years
  • They can be quite noisy

If you want to avoid having issues with your air bed, make sure that you look at the warranty offered. Warranties should cover replacing parts and completing repairs in the first few years of ownership where most problems tend to crop up. Do make sure that you explore customer reviews to see how a bed you are buying measures up against the other choices on the market.

We hope you find this advice helpful when deciding whether an air mattress is the right choice for you.

Why a Natural Form® Adjustable Firmness Mattress is the Best Fit

Natural Form’s patented self adjusting technology automatically conforms to your individual body shape, weight, and size. It readjusts almost instantly, to administer support and alleviate pressure immediately. In addition, each mattress is outfitted with a comfort control dial.  The dial allows for you to set your firmness on a broad spectrum, allowing for endless possibilities.

Natural Form is the only adjustable air mattress with over dozens of firmness options, a comfort dial that utilizes innovative self adjusting technology.  Allowing you to precisely calibrate and control your comfort and support on a scale you’ve never experienced before.  This is all done without the use of electricity, pumps, motor’s or excess noise.

Natural Form has several adjustable chambers that silently adjust and work to relieve pressure, no matter which model you may choose. The patented Helix air spring has over a dozen air spring coils, the Helix shape causes the air cell to reform like a spring, but without the pressure caused by spring beds. It readjusts almost instantly creating both a back support mattress and pressure relieving mattress simultaneously. You will experience continuous support and pressure relief to every part of your body.

So do you want it plush? Firm? Somewhere in the middle? With a Natural Form mattress you can truly customize the bed of your dreams. So that the only argument you’ll be having surrounding bedtime, is who will turn the light off.

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