Get the facts before you buy an Orthopedic Mattress

Are you struggling to find the right mattress to suit your need? We all have different sleeping patterns and requirements. Some people will even benefit from an orthopedic mattress which will help your back. Ideal for anyone suffering from chronic back pain or who has stiff joints an orthopedic mattress is a whole new world of comfort at night time. It can even help if you are suffering from insomnia which has been sweeping the nation.

Of course, you do need to make sure that you choose the right orthopedic mattress and this can be a difficult decision. When you purchase a mattress like this, you shouldn’t opt for the cheapest. Instead, you need to focus on finding a quality product. One that can provide all the benefits that this type of mattress should. Ultimately, it’s about finding a mattress that can provide comfort and full support for your back. Orthopedic mattresses are highly researched to the point where every aspect is carefully considered. The mattresses are then designed and produced to match all the scientific findings.

Are Orthopedic Mattresses only for certain people?

The simple answer is no.  These types of mattresses can actually be suitable for a wide range of people. Since they provide optimum support people with various body shapes and types can all be comfortable sleeping on a mattress like this.

But it’s just about how much support a mattress like this can bring. These mattresses are also designed to be long lasting, certainly more so than your typical product or piece of furniture. Typically, you’ll need to replace a mattress after five years. But orthopedic mattresses are different and could last for up to 10 years with no reduction in comfort.

Different Types Of Mattresses

It’s important to think carefully about the type of mattress you want. If you don’t choose the right mattress, it won’t provide the level of support that you hoped for. For instance, someone will benefit from a softer mattress while those with backpain could need something firmer that offers more support. You need to look at the different mattresses and find the best one for you. Here are some of the different options you can consider.

Air Mattress  

One of the biggest benefits of an air mattress is that you can adjust the firmness levels on either side of the bed. This allows you to alter how soft or firm it feels, but that’s not all. The latest models use modern tech that creates air chambers, allowing a pressure on the body to be relieved. Commonly used for medical purposes. It’s largely considered the best choice when selecting an orthopedic mattress.

Open Spring Mattress  

This is a budget-friendly choice that could certainly provide a fantastic bed for the kids or even guests, but may not be something that you want as your main mattress. Often known as a continuous-coil or even an open-coil mattress, they have a clever design. The metal pieces are coiled into springs while there is also a rod/wire to make sure that they stay the right shape. They’re even easy to turn over when necessary.

Pocket Spring Mattress  

This is a more advanced spring mattress and can once again be suitable for a wide range of different individuals. You can get a pocket spring mattress designed for a range of different needs including medium, firm or soft varieties. The design of this mattress also ensures that they are breathable, ideal for hot summer evenings. You will however, have trouble turning these mattresses due to the weight, and they are often filled with natural materials. Worried about weight issues? There’s no need with these mattresses as the different springs allow the pressure of weight to be spread evenly.

Memory Foam Mattress  

One of the most popular modern mattress designs, memory foam is designed to do exactly as described. Ultimately you can sink into this mattress, so it perfectly hugs your form. It can even adapt to different shapes and temperatures while also being great for people who suffer from allergies. Reducing pressure on joints or muscles, the sinking design can also help people maintain the correct posture and sleep straight.

Latex Mattress  

Filled with foam, these mattresses are breathable, so they are perfect if you have allergies, asthma or issues with overheating. These mattresses are durable too and are great if you need solid support for your back. However, like the pocket spring mattress, they are also heavy enough that turning is difficult.

Orthopedic Mattresses For Pain Relief

You might be wondering how orthopedic mattresses help provide you with complete pain relief. Well, they give many benefits that can allow a better quality of life and indeed more positive wellbeing.

Getting The Right Level Of Firmness

Your symptoms will determine the level of firmness required from your mattress. A mattress that is too soft may make lumps and bumps on the bed or cause it to be safe. Alternatively, if a mattress is too firm it can even leave an individual in pain. However, orthopedic mattresses can provide substantial pain relief even for those suffering from conditions like fibromyalgia.

Backed By Medical Findings

Studies have shown countless times that the right orthopedic mattress can and will provide support for back issues. It will help reduce pressure on the spines and joints. If you are heavier, you need a denser mattress to compensate. You’ll find that many companies actually provide a trial period. This is designed to make sure that you get the mattress for your specific, individual needs ensuring you can try before you buy. *Quick Tip When choosing your Orthopedic mattress, make sure and check if they have any medical background in the industry, if so they’re most likely one of your best options.

Common misconception: The modern use of the term “orthopedic” has largely become a marketing term.  As mattress manufacturers, in most all countries, are not required by law to provide proof of testing or claims.  Thus, making it extremely important to make sure the mattress company you’re considering has a medical background in the mattress industry.  Learn more here

Features You Need To Look For When Choosing An Orthopedic Mattress?

Again, you might invest quite a lot into an orthopedic mattress, so it’s important to make sure that your purchase is worth it. So, whether you suffer from chronic back pain or sleep on your side, let’s look at some of the most crucial attributes of a great mattress.

Increased Flexibility

Don’t believe the myth that it’s possible to rotate and flip and orthopedic mattress easily, offering preventative relief. An Orthopedic mattress in general is going to have a higher cost attached.  That being said, you shouldn’t have to go through the hassle to flip over your mattress when it begins to sag.  Most likely, it’s just your foam wearing down.  Which, in most cases can be replaced easily and sometimes free at cost just by reaching out to your mattress company.  If a mattress does sag, it may cause issues like sciatica due to aggravation through the spinal joints.

Design And Materials

The first aspect you need to consider is the materials the mattress is made out of and also how it’s constructed. There are various materials including air chambers or cylinder, latex, fabric covered spring and memory foam. While latex bounces back ensuring comfort, memory foam mattresses provide a high level of support.

Quick Tip* A Great way to make sure the mattress you’re deciding to buy has quality materials, is to check the reviews.  By going through these, you should be able to decipher if there is any issues you may run into down the road.


You do need to think about how firm the mattress is. When thinking about how firm or soft you need your mattress to consider how you sleep, your height and you weight. If you sleep on your side and constantly change position, a soft mattress will be ideal. A soft or medium mattress should be used by anyone who constantly moves around. You might need a medium to firm mattress if you sleep on your back to ensure the right level of back support. Or, you could require a highly firm mattress if you are sleeping on your front and weigh more than fifteen stone. This stops the body from sinking into the mattress, putting pressure on your back.

When considering the best orthopedic mattress for firmness, an Air Mattress is going to be your top choice.  As these types of mattress have the ability to adjust your firmness levels on either side of the bed.  Allowing for customizable support and preference for you and/or a partner.

Comfort For Your Body And Back

garden sleep system visual laydownIf you want to avoid joint pains, you need to make sure that there are no spaces between the body and the top of the mattress. This can be achieved by ensuring you have a mattress that provides support throughout the body when you are lying flat. There should be no stress or undue pressure on your spine, ensuring that you can get the right stance while sleeping. With the right stance, your head, neck, shoulders, and spine will all have the support they need.

With orthopedic mattresses, you will be able to take advantage of ergonomic design, ideal for pain relief on every area of the body. With a spongy, soft material, you’ll find that the mattress beautifully encourages the natural contouring of the body, maximizing level of contact.

Ultimately, then orthopedic mattresses are suitable for everyone. But they should especially be used by anyone with high levels of back pain or who someone who has trouble finding a comfortable position for a successful night’s sleep.

Why Natural Form® is the Best Orthopedic Mattress

Natural form boasts sophisticated mattress technology that is utilized in hospitals all over the world for its ability to alleviate pressure points. It’s specialized chambers are utilized in the medical field for its extraordinary  performance and adjustable properties. Better yet, there are 30 to 60 air springs in each double, queen or king bed, so if you sleep with a partner, they can be customized to the individual.

Each mattress has the option to have an Australian Gold Certified wool cover. The wool cover ensures adequate airflow and temperature regulation during sleep.

The memory foam can be selected as high-density or low-density, and it’s all CertiPUR US certified.

The advanced technology coupled with the endless customizable options for your unique support and comfort ensures that you have a therapeutic and healthy sleep that lasts.