Health Series + Refresh 200 Adjustable Bed

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Treat yourself to an Extraordinary Sleep Experience with the Natural Form Air Spring Adjustable Bed Package. It’s a perfect combination of comfort, science and technology. Featuring our most popular Natural Form Air Spring Luxury mattress with Helix Technology and personalized comfort control dials. Many of the same features found in The Garden Sleep System at the Hilton Garden Inn. Paired with the S Series Adjustable Base, there’s no other bed like it in the world.

Natural Form Helix 200S Luxury Mattress

Incredible comfort with clinically tested technology, the Refresh 200S has it all. It’s Loaded with premium features like a natural cover, up to 80 self-adjusting Helix air cells, exclusive breathable hybrid foam comfort layer and comfort control dials on each side of the mattress. The Refresh 200S is designed to contour perfectly with an adjustable base while maintaining pressure free support and comfort.

Natural Form Refresh 200S Queen Set Including White Glove Delivery

Natural Form S Series Adjustable Base 

Loaded with Style and Features, at the touch of a button, the S Series Adjustable Base conforms to whatever position you desire, effortlessly increasing your comfort. Premium grade upholstery and wooden legs, along with state-of-the-art features like LP Connect technology ensures the S Series is as safe as it is sophisticated.

Expertly engineered and designed for quiet elegance along with extraordinary comfort when paired with a Natural Form mattress. With Wallhugger engineering, the adjustable base lifts you up while simultaneously gliding you back. That means your favorite book and the remote control are always within reach.

200S Extraordinary Sleep Package

Luxurious comfort and high-tech features combined to not only bring you the best sleep of your life, but also making the 200S Adjustable Bed Package, the best value in Premium Bedding. Just imagine the weightless feeling of having your body gently displaced over the mattress surface, adjusting your 200S base to a customizable zero gravity position and activating the massage feature. You deserve this Extraordinary Sleep Experience.