Set Up, Care and Operating Instructions

Carefully remove mattress from the packaging.   Use caution not to cut the mattress cover.  Place the mattress (wool or terry side up) on top of your foundation.

Turn the dials to the 12 o’clock “optimum” setting on both sides.  Place your linens on your new mattress and get ready for a great night of “pressure free” sleep!

Wool and Terry Velour Care

Your wool or terry cover is removable and washable.  To launder, unzip the top only.  Machine wash in cold water with mild soap.  Use non-chlorine bleach.  Dry on low heat.  Gently vacuum once a month if desired.

Operating the Dials

(Garden Sleep System, Refresh, and Euro)

We recommend setting your dials to the “Optimum” position for the first two weeks.  This is a good starting point that reflects the correct volume and pressure to displace your body weight.

To make the mattress feel softer, lie on the mattress and turn the dial to the “Soft” position.  It may take several minutes for the mattress to become softer.  To make the mattress feel firmer, you will need to get off the mattress and turn the dial to the “Firm” position.

Adjust in half number increments every few days to find your “Personalized Setting.”  Often customer stay with “Optimum” because they know it is the scientifically perfect pressure setting.

Linens – We suggest you place your linens directly on the wool cover and do not use a mattress protector.  This way you can enjoy the complete benefits of wool.  We recommend using no higher than 400 thread count sheets.  This allows the wool to breath better.  All of these features help reduce tossing and turning, providing you with a better more rejuvenating quality sleep.

Each component is replaceable.

Over time you may want to replace your wool cover or foam topper.  Your Natural Form® Mattress will sleep just like new without ever having to discard the entire mattress.

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