What’s the Best Mattress for Sleep Apnea?

sleep-apnea-illustrationDo you ever wake up after a full night of sleep but still feel like you’ve pulled an all-nighter?

With over 200,000 cases diagnosed annually in the US, sleep apnea is a common condition that can lead to serious health problems. Sleep apnea is caused by blocked airways, resulting in loud snoring and choking during sleep. Cases range in severity, from a few times to hundreds of occurrences a night.

Those with sleep apnea lose roughly a third night’s sleep every night and their tossing and turning often affects their partners. Such a high amount of sleep debt can result in daytime fatigue and drowsiness, headaches, high blood pressure, weight gain and even heart disease.

The most common treatment for sleep apnea patients is the CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine. This popular therapy for sleep apnea uses a face mask and oxygen tank to increase airflow during sleep. It may take some time to adjust to the facemask and airflow, but it has been effective for those with sleep apnea.

Raised & Adjustable Mattresses for Sleep Apnea

Another often overlooked solution is investing in the best mattress for sleep apnea. In addition to a CPAP machine, adjustable mattresses for sleep apnea provides proper sleep support. Mattress elevation is also a helpful treatment for sleep apnea.

Beds that help with sleep apnea support sleepers just like any other quality mattress. Ensuring pressure points in the hips and shoulders are well supported is key to healthy sleep which is why the best mattress for sleep apnea is adjustable to your needs.

The goal of sleep apnea treatment is to open your airway so you can breathe better at night. Raising the head of your bed is the simplest way to achieve this and is often recommended by doctors. An alternative is to use more pillows but these can slip while you sleep.

Sleep Apnea Bed Angle

Sleeping on an incline helps open the airway, alleviating snoring and restoring oxygen to the brain. By preventing blockage and letting gravity do the work, snoring and blockage from sleep apnea are reduced. By elevating the bed, air can easily pass through airways and into the vital organs.

Although adjustable beds are not a cure, they can lessen symptoms of sleep apnea and bring a more restful sleep to patients. In most cases, these can be a much more suitable option for you and or a partner.

Additional Benefits

Inclined sleeping also has numerous benefits on body structure. The slight incline is enough to straighten out the spine, as well as strengthening the muscles, fascia, ligaments, and tendons.

Inclined sleeping can help prevent degeneration of the spine and connective tissue associated with ageing. It can also help with poor postural conditions such as kyphosis, lordosis, and scoliosis, as well as reduce the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

Natural Form Adjustable Bases

A mattress on an adjustable base improves circulation by adjusting the height of various parts of your body. This gives you get better control of circulation and relieves the stress on your heart. With better blood flow through the night, you’ll notice a reduction in aches and pains. This technology also features massage and vibration settings.

By propping your body up, you can also minimize heartburn and acid reflux. Natural Form offers quality adjustable bases designed to help customers with sleep apnea or other related sleep disorders.

It’s the best mattress for sleep apnea.

If you or your partner suffers from this condition, call us today.

Best Mattress Type for Sleep Apnea

Before deciding on the best mattress type for sleep apnea it’s important to look at a variety of factors before making your decision.

Compatibility with adjustable frames

Not all mattresses are compatible with adjustable frames. The most suitable types are Air Mattresses and Memory foam mattresses, which work best when it comes to adjusting the head or foot of your adjustable base.


It’s very important to look at the firmness of the mattress. Since side sleeping can help with sleep apnea severity and snoring, it important to find a mattress that supports soft to medium firmness. In this case, high quality air mattresses work best as they allow for adjustable firmness controls for each side of the mattress.


To finish it off, you’ll want to make sure the mattress comes with a warranty, a sleep trial, some case of use, such as a medical background around sleep disorders. You should also request a white glove delivery as adjustable bases and mattress can be heavy and time consuming when putting them together. In most cases, white glove delivery with install both your adjustable base and mattress.