best mattress for couples

Best Mattress for Couples (2020 Edition)

You have your significant other, now its time for significant sleep.

Remember that feeling when you and your partner decided to move in together? The excitement of evenings spent cooking together, morning cups of coffee together, or staying in for a movie night. 

Spending so much of your life with another person can be incredible, but it is inevitable that eventually the two of you will have to compromise on something. There might be some give and take over on where to order take-out one night,  but one thing you shouldn’t have to budge on— is when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

When one-third of your life is spent in bed, that time is crucial to recharge and optimize your personal performance. Your mattress is one decision where compromise will degrade your health, slow your productivity, and could ultimately negatively impact your relationship.

Where to begin?

In order to maintain a healthy relationship and your overall health at the same time,  it is essential that the needs of both you and your partner are met. Bragging rights go to you two for being able to compromise so well. But when it comes to your mattress, it’s time to settle into the idea of getting a little selfish.

Communicate with your partner about what each individual desires in a mattress. What type of support do you need for your body? Do one of you like it on the firmer side, whereas the other prefers plush? Define “must-haves.” Identify features that are bonuses, but you could live without.

You and your partner are two individuals, so it is likely that you have different sleeping positions, body types and sizes. The search for a mattress can seem overwhelming, so we’ve outlined some key features to look for to ease the selection process.

What to look for:


As always, the most important feature of a mattress is the support it provides. If she’s more petite, or he has a taller build, both bodies might be displaced differently by the same materials. Studies have shown you need proper spinal alignment if you want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Searching for technology with independent support options will ensure that your one sleeping space is ideal for two.

Knowing if the support system is right for you can be difficult to determine from a short simple lay while shopping. Ask about generous trial periods and warranties so you can conduct some test-runs.


It’s estimated that almost 90% of couples can’t agree on how soft or firm their bed is. This can evolve into a big issue when you are both trying to snooze comfortably so you can perform well at work, take care of the kids, and just simply be a functional human.

Maybe you want a little hug from your mattress, and the other wants something on the firmer side. Be on the look-out for mattresses that have split firmness options, allowing for your comfort level to be customizable.

Unsure on your preference here? Most couples prefer a mattress on the medium to medium- firm side. With materials like memory foam, they can soften over time, so in order to ensure the longevity of your purchase, opt for the firm option if you simply can’t choose.

Motion Transfer

Are you waking up every time your partner shifts at night? Tossing and turning and adjusting your sleep position during the night can often cause significant motion transfer. A healthy person shifts positions anywhere from 40 to 60 times per night.  So when that number is doubled for a couple, you might be lucky to get an hour of undisturbed rest.

A mattress should not merely transfer movements, but instead absorb them. A good mattress should have a design that will minimize motion transfer regardless of how restless your partner may be.

A mattress that can cope with motion transfer is also essential for couples with different schedules. Say you’re a morning person, but your partner loves the snooze button. Or she gets back late from a late shift at the hospital, and you’re up early to keep up with business across the pond.

With schedules that aren’t so compatible, a good night’s sleep is something you should still be able to maintain. Memory foam tends to absorb these movements so you can operate individual schedules and sleep undisturbed.

Edge Support

Some couples tend to sleep towards one side of the bed, and so you need strong and stable edges to prevent sagging or collapsing. All cuddled together at night is nice and all, but when your mattress loses edge support it ruins the fun.

Cheaper memory foam brands cannot sustain extra weight on the edges or the middle, which just isn’t going to cut it for a couple. Because your mattress if utilized for acts other than sleeping, such as sitting on the edge of the bed or when things get intimate (wink wink), proper edge support is essential.


Arguing over the heat and AC is one thing, but your mattress should provide cooling effects of its own. Materials that allow for adequate airflow and are manufactured with materials that promote breathability will keep you cool and asleep even with the extra heat of your partner. If you have the right mattress but you’re still waking up too cold and the other too hot, well, then your partner just may in fact be a blanket thief.


The weight of two people can take a toll on a mattress. Memory foam that is in the medium to firm range tends to provide more consistent support and feel. The higher density foams can provide you with fundamental push back to counterbalance the coupled weight being placed.

Although having someone to snuggle up to at night can be comforting, many make their ways to opposite sides of the bed at some point. Rolling to the middle and ending up on top of each other in the middle of the night I’m sure you know is not ideal. Memory foams that are durable and prevent sinkage should support you whether your are intertwined or taking your space.

Why Natural Form® is the Best Mattress for Couples 

adjustable firmness dial air mattressNatural Form has cutting edge and patented technology that includes separate support chambers in full, queen, and king models. The unique construction of the mattress allows for couples to be properly displaced and maintain good spinal alignment based on their individual body types. The chambers have two dials so that you can easily make your side a little firmer, and your partner can make theirs on the softer side. Your experience is extremely customizable, no compromise needed.

Natural Form uses CertiPUR & OEKO-TEX certified materials so you can feel confident in what makes up your mattress. Natural Form utilizes a hybrid memory foam. This  breathable memory foam with quick recovery offers all the benefits of traditional memory foam, but has superior durability. It will provide good edge support, keeping you both supported for many years to come.

With several foam density options, you can choose the design for the mattress that will be best for both of your support and comfort needs. Natural form also has Australian Wool covers to absorb all the generated heat from both you and your partner. This natural and wicking fiber will keep you cool throughout the night. If you’re unsure about ordering online, Natural Form offers a 100 night sleep trial and 10-year warranty.

Natural Form can ensure that you have the best sleep of your life, with the partner you will spend the rest of your life with. On a natural form mattress, you can add sleep to the top of your favorite things to do together. Can you say #couplegoals?

 Learn more about the Natural Form mattress here